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Coronavirus Update

Posted June 4, 2020

Our building is back open.  Management is requesting masks to be worn in the common areas of the building and that we all practice social distancing. 

Posted March 19, 2020

Like you, our Firm continues to monitor this ever-changing and uncertain situation. It seems like with every passing day more businesses are closed by the President or the Governor and more folks are deciding to self-quarantine – necessary actions to be sure. Our hearts go out to those who may be ill or otherwise directly impacted by the virus. Through-out all of this we are trying to balance the health and safety of our employees, their families, our clients, and the community at large. With that in mind, please know that McManus, Dosen & Co. remains open for business. Our goal, regardless of what happens relative to the coronavirus, is to ensure continuity of service to our clients and to do so in a way that keeps our team and your team as safe and as healthy as possible. Furthermore, we will not allow this situation to compromise the high level of quality you have come to expect from our Firm. We remain ready to handle your audit, tax, accounting, and consulting needs. Having said that, we do encourage you to conduct as much business with us as possible in a virtual manner. Consider rescheduling in-person meetings to phone calls, sending and receiving documents electronically instead of physically coming to our office, and even using the good old U.S. postal mail service. Electronic transmission can be done by simply attaching a pdf, Word, or Excel document to an email or using our secure client portal.

As the old saying goes: This, too, shall pass. We have no doubt that our country and the world at large will come through this nightmare and likely be stronger and smarter because of it. Schools and businesses will reopen, sporting events will be held, the stock market will rebound, and life will return to “normal”. A year from now this will be nothing but a bad memory. In the meantime, however, we are all in this together. Individual isolation and social distancing cannot impact the unity of our spirits. You can rely on our Firm to be with you and assist you and your business as needed while at the same time being a responsible corporate citizen.