McManus, Dosen & Co. is dedicated to the success of our clients and the personal and professional growth of our staff.

Since its inception in 1985, our Firm has achieved an excellent reputation among our clients for providing the highest quality service. We combine insight with integrity and have been long recognized for our independent thinking and innovation. As a result, our practice has grown steadily. Our present client base includes hundreds of privately owned and growing companies in a variety of industries located all across Ohio and in other parts of the country. We also work with over 900 individuals in the preparation of their tax returns and assisting with personal financial matters.

McManus, Dosen & Co. is a full service accounting firm. Our principals are licensed CPAs with over 100 years of combined professional experience. Our staff is large enough and our training program extensive enough to enable us to offer the expertise and breadth of experience found in large firms and yet small enough to give you the close personal attention with the entrepreneurial focus that you deserve and desire. We believe that serving a client properly involves more than just technical competence. It takes a lot of sound business judgment together with an innovative application of the skills of our profession. Paying attention to detail, responding to client needs, listening closely, and meeting time and budget constraints are all a part of the personal service we provide.

At McManus, Dosen & Co. we are business owners in our own right. As such, we are attuned to the needs of business owners and managers. We can help anticipate and create opportunities that will add to your success. We invite you to explore the rest of this website or to give us a call to learn more about us and how we may be of assistance to you.